“Chris often says that politics should be “about addition and multiplication – not subtraction and division.” I take the same philosophy to my work in the Statehouse. Chris’ approach will serve our city well, and I am proud to support his campaign for Lenexa City Council.” -State Representative Susan Ruiz
“I’ve represented Lenexa in the Kansas Senate for the past seven years. I personally understand that Lenexans expect their elected officials at every level of government to lead with courage, compassion, and common sense. That describes Chris Herron and his approach to serving residents. He will be an excellent addition to the Lenexa City Council, and I am proud to endorse his campaign.” – State Senator Dinah Sykes
“Chris has a natural curiosity and passion for ideas which makes him a great brainstorming partner, always looking for new perspectives and connections. He’s a quick and effective decision-maker, able to assess options, anticipate outcomes, and make informed choices. On the Lenexa city council Chris will be a valued contributor to the team leading this community forward.” -State Representative Brandon Woodard
This is not an endorsement of the campaign but an acknowledgement that the candidate advocates for gun violence prevention.