Chris Herron is deeply passionate about the future of Lenexa.

Having a diverse personal and professional background provides Chris with a broad perspective and the ability to incorporate a wide range of views of everyday Kansans into his approach. He believes in democracy, in full participation by all members of the community, and in the belief that everyone is born equal. Guided by strong values, ethics, and morality, he possesses the integrity and compassion necessary for decision-making with a strong moral compass.

Early Years

Chris’ upbringing in Huntsville, Texas, deeply shaped his character and his values. He was raised by his mother, an elementary school teacher, and his father, who served as head football coach and history teacher. Throughout his childhood, Chris was immersed in an environment emphasizing the importance of education and community involvement. In addition, the adversity of losing his father at a young age helped to instill resilience and foster a deep appreciation for family values and personal growth. These values — education, community involvement, the importance of family, and resilience — are what Chris strives to bring to Lenexa’s City Council.

Educational and Professional Journey

Chris graduated from Dartmouth College, with a degree in history. During his time in college, he developed critical thinking skills, an understanding of historical contexts, and a solid foundation for leadership. Chris pursued graduate studies at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business, earning an MBA with a concentration in finance and accounting. He also obtained a project management certificate from Central Missouri State University, as part of his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

He worked in a variety of roles in the energy industry, and possesses valuable finance, project development, and corporate management expertise. These work experiences have honed his ability to manage in complex project environments, make informed financial decisions, and effectively lead teams. Through his professional journey, Chris has gained a comprehensive understanding of the energy industry and the skills necessary for successful project execution. These experiences position him as a well-rounded professional capable of making a valuable contribution to Lanexa.

Community Involvement

Chris firmly believes that active community involvement is vital for creating thriving communities. He has served on the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida and the American Lung Association of Southeast Florida boards. He has also contributed his time and expertise to organizations dedicated to community betterment and completed the Leadership Palm Beach County program. His involvement in these initiatives demonstrates his dedication to positively impacting society and developing as a community leader.

Chris Herron for Lenexa

Chris’ educational achievements, professional experience, background, family life, and community involvement highlight his commitment to personal growth, community betterment, and ethical decision-making. With his broad skill set, belief in equality, and dedication to active participation, Chris contributes positively to any endeavor, fostering inclusive and thriving communities along the way.

Chris resides in Lenexa with his wife, Gretchen, their three dogs, and an ancient cat.